Friday, 24 August 2012

Dinner @ Ocean Foods - Drummoyne

I hate the idea that some people think that in order to get the best fish and chips in the Sydney you have to drive to the Northern Beaches or Bondi when in fact, the best 'Fish n Chips in the Universe' is in Drummoyne.. or so at least they claim that title.and I don't entirely disagree.

I tend to try and not go back to the same place too many times as there are so many amazing resturants out there to try, but this is one of my favourites. Ocean Foods in Drummoyne is a chaotic fish shop that is usually packed out with eager seafood lovers. However  arriving at 7pm on a Friday night it is unusually quiet, which puts the pressure on me as it means less time to decide what to order. K and I had discussed the plan on the way in - I order what he orders as he always chooses the best one - but i cracked under pressure and order something different.

After pondering the food in the huge glass displays, which sets out everything so well, making my decision even tougher (totally keen on the oyster kilpatrick, possibly even a fish burger, or the salmon kebab) I settle with the barramundi in Thai sauce and K goes with barramundi in the Caribbean marinate ($15.90 each). We also order two potato scallops ($2.80), sweet potato chips ($5.90) and a small avocado and prawn salad ($15.90...)

Interestingly, this place has recently expanded (10 weeks ago) and opened up extra seating next door, as well as a wine and gelato bar. It gives a classy touch to the place, moving away from that 'take away' feel, and the added seating is a great idea because on previous visits the downfall has always been the limited seating on the small patio outside. I can't wait to come back and drink some wine here once it gets warmer.

The buzzer goes off and K collects our food. As usual - it looks and smells delicious! The fish is just the right portion, the sweet potato chips are not too salty and the prawn and avocado salad looks tasty. We were both impressed with our barramundi, I even think mine was better than K's this time. The sauce is very light and dosen't take all the taste away from the fish itself. It is also served in the aluminum foil they cook it in to ensure 100% flavor. but unfortunatley the potato scallops were a bit of a let down - way to greasy and heavy/thick for my liking. They are so much better when they are crunchy on the outside! The salad was also a bit disappointing, for what I paid I thought it would be a bigger portion and it was covered in a bit to much oil. Nevertheless I still enjoyed it but wouldn't order it again.

No gelato for us tonight.. I had made a cupcake for K which we left in the car for desert. We wouldn't want to have too many treats for desert. Instead we order a quick coffee and then headed home.

See you soon!

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Sydney, NSW

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