Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dinner @ Steam Hot Pot Buffet Restaurant - Epping

This is just a 'short n snappy' review of one of my favorite local places - the Hot Pot Buffet at Epping. This is always a fun experience where a large pot of boiling hot water is placed on a gas burner at your table and basically you choose your own ingredients from a buffet and cook it yourself! The pot of water is a broth prepared by the staff filled with an array of spices and small veggies, split into two sides - one being extremely hot (Dad's one) and one for the rest of us normal kids (me and mum). You want to make sure you know which side is which!

An assortment of frozen meats (lamb, beef, chicken), seafood, veggies (mostly Asian veggies) and a range of sauces are available on the buffet and as you pay per head, you can go back as many times as you want!. The staff  also make a dipping sauce for you depending on how hot you want it.

 After you select what you want, plop it in, patiently wait and voila!

Whilst I do love going to this place, I am always a bit scared about what I am ACTUALLY eating, as there is no signage. I asked the young waiter when I was at the buffet what a few things were and found out pigs ear and chicken giblets were in front of me.. there were some that I had already eaten which looked questionable but I didn't want to know what they were e.g think I ate sea sponge but Im going to pretend that never happen!! There are heaps of 'safe' options like tofu, lamb, beef, yummy dumpling, squid and really nice fish - oh and crab claws taste delicious in the dipping sauce!

SO go along to this place for an exciting, slightly messy experience but try and turn a blind eye to what you eat. oh and alcohol always helps (it is BYO and fully licensed). :) Overall experience 6/10

Steam Hot Pot Buffet Restaurant
Shop 28, 74 Rawson St Epping
9876 8111

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